VA mortgage

One of the most prized and respected home loan programs is the VA mortgage. This is a unique home loan and not many applicants are eligible for VA mortgage financing. The VA home loan is available for veterans and active duty military, but you must meet the VA requirements to be approved. The VA Loan was born in 1944 after World War II.

Talk to VA lenders about attractive military mortgage programs for house buying and refinancing.

The popular highlights of the VA loan program include no down payment, no mortgage insurance and competitive VA mortgage rates.  Ask about the VAHLC purchase loan that boasts of zero closing costs to qualified borrowers.

In some cases, mortgage lenders appreciate the VA mortgage over the conventional program because their loan guaranteed by the United States government.

  • $0 Money Down Required with a VA Mortgage
  • No Mortgage Insurance Required on VA Loans
  • Affordable VA Mortgage Rates
  • Flexible with Credit Grades on VA Financing

VA loan benefits enable an eligible borrow to buy a primary residence over and over. Even if you are active duty and your current home is financed with a VA mortgage loan, if you relocated to another area, you can use the VA mortgage to purchase a house at your new duty station.