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Big Brother, Big Banks, Big Insurance, Big Profits on the Backs of Declining Middle-Class

Although the economy is doing well, and the unemployment rate is low, there are still millions of Americans living paycheck to paycheck. Some estimates are there are 45 million Americans who are living in poverty, depending upon how poverty is measured. Even though there is much more technology and productivity these days, the median family […]

FHA Home Purchase and Refinance Applicants Are Penalized with Mortgage Insurance in Perpetuity Because of Reverse Mortgage Losses. Fair?  We think not.

As home buyers decide between an FHA and conventional mortgage, it is important to consider the matter of mortgage insurance. On a conventional mortgage, if you put down less than 20% down payment, you must have mortgage insurance until you have reached 20% equity. At that time, you can request that the insurance be cancelled. […]

Double Digit Growth for Real Estates Dirty Little Secret. PMI Companies the Curtain Is Pulled Back.

Most Americans who pay for private mortgage insurance very month, also called PMI, do not like paying for it. PMI protects the lender against loan default for those who put down less than 20% when they bought the home. For most mortgage insurance companies, providing PMI is a very profitable business indeed. Mortgage insurance premiums […]

Who Governs My HOA?

Having Problems with a Home Owners Association?  They do what they want when they want and when I complain it goes on deaf ears… In the 1960s, there were only 500 HOAs in the US. But they have gotten much more numerous since then. According to the Community Associations Institute, there are 62 million US […]